Showgirl & Rural Ambassador

The  Dalby Showgirl competition has been running since 1983, this is a fantastic competition for young women and girls of Dalby to show their skills and help improve their confidence in social skills whilst creating great opportunities for their future. 

Female 18-28 Years

Female 14-17 Years

Female 10-13 Years

Female 6-9 Years

Male or Female 20-29 Years

Male or Female 15-19 Years

Dalby Showgirl & Rural Ambassador is a great opportunity for young local female & males to advance themselves in confidence and be involved within the community while learning more about the local area we live in.

Showgirl is open to entrants between the ages of 18-28 years. Unmarried and with no children.  This is not a beauty contest, entrants are judges on their knowledge of their local area, show and agricultural industry. This Competition runs in line with the Queensland Country Life Miss Showgirl Awards and Guidelines

Rural  Ambassador is open to both Male & Female Entrants between the ages of 20 - 29 years. Entrants can be married and have children. Entrants are judged on their knowledge of their local area, show and agricultural industry.



Teen, junior, Mini showgirl is open to females aged between 6 - 17 years of age & Junior Rural Ambassador is open to males & females aged between 15 - 19 years if age. We hope this will get the youth involved in the show movement and have more confidence to enter the Showgirl or Rural Ambassador section later in life.


The winners of both Showgirl & Rural Ambassador will go onto to represent Dalby Show Society at the Darling Downs finals.

Entrants will be judged and given a chance to portray themselves and there knowledge of the community. 

Nominations are now open for Showgirl, Teen, Junior, & Mini Showgirls as well as Rural Ambassador & Junior Rural Ambassador. W

We offer an invitation for all interested to enter and have a go and have some fun.

Expression of interest close 6th March 2022

For further information please contact Candy Chiverton on 0407 724 684


"Miss Dalby Showgirl & Rural Ambassador 2019"