Dalby & District Show | Established in 1870

Dalby Show Society's First Annual Show was held in 1870, since then it became one of the states most prominent agricultural shows in Queensland.  

People from far and wide travelled to Dalby to be a part of the excitement.


In it's 147th year we are bringing back some traditional favourites and new and exciting entertainment features to delight all ages.  


With massive support from the community and local businesses this year, we are able to provide you with what is expected to be one of the biggest shows we have had in years


Be sure to check out all of the entertainment on our

What's On page, and lock yourselves in for 2 WHOLE DAYS of Great Family Fun!


See you at the Show!


Frank Chiverton

Show President

Frank has been Dalby Show's President for the last 5 years and, with wife Lesley, has brought the show back to it's former glory and is keen to continue Dalby Show's Success in years to come

Robert Parsons

Show Treasurer

Rob and wife Cheryl, have worked hard to also bring back the show to its great success and has put in the hard yards to bring the showgrounds and equipment up to speed, making the showgrounds and the future of the show a success

Graham Bradford

Show Vice-President

Graham became the Vice-President a few years ago, after his continued dedication towards the show, it's grounds and the committee. Graham has been a member of the show society for many years.

Bradley Smith

Junior Vice-President

Bradley is in his second year running as Vice-President and has helped encourage the younger generation to join in on the show movement and help keep the show alive.  Bradley has recently attended the QCAS conference in Gatton and has been inspired to continue in the show movement.

Raelene Akers

Show Secretary

Raelene became Show Secretary at the last AGM and has previously been involved in show committees before. She has helped move the show along in successful directions.

Darryl Bryne

Show Grounds Steward

Darryl has been the grounds steward for the show society a few years and has helped to make the show run smoothly. His dedication in making sure all sites holders are happy has helped to make the show a sucess

Graham has been with Dalby Show Society for over 50 years (since 1965) and has been a patron for over 14 years after the late Hilary Russell. Graham also helped develop the Miss Queensland Showgirls in the 80's and it has been a major success since.


Become a member of our show - Sign up today!

Becoming a member of the Dalby & District Show Society has many benefits, you not only become part of the community at the Dalby Show Society and voting rights about Society matters but also gain access to the 2 day Dalby Show, Enjoy refreshments in our Member's Only lounge, and enjoy members only parking within the showgrounds**subject to availability



ADULTS - $20 (includes 1 child 16 & under, must be immediate family)


Children - $5

(Children under 18 FREE with Adult memberships)



tradespace forms and applications are open now

forms are available for market stallholders or food vendors, or have something different you would like to show


Without volunteers, the show would cease to exist!

We are always after a few helping hands, it's a rewarding experience to be involved in such a great community event


We'd love for any budding photographers to take some snaps or videos throughout the show this year - if this is you and your wanting to update or add to your portfolio, contact the show office


Within Dalby & District Show Society and QCAS there are some basic rules that apply to competing and selling of merchandise and products - find the details here



The Knox Pavilion, from what we can find out, there was no pavilion at this stage. In about 1926 a Mr. Knox decided there should be a pavilion built, he had conversation with Mr. George Hartman about the situation and a move to build a pavilion was started.  

Twenty people were asked to give 5pound, ($10 today) interest free loan to the show society repayable after five years.  Twenty people gave the 5pound loan, and so the pavilion was built and it became ready for the 1927 show.


After the five years when the loans became repayable, sixteen of the contributors said to convert the loan to a donation and the other four wanted their contribution repayed.


Mr. Hartman was one of the contributors who never wanted a refund. As a reward for his efforts, the show society at the request of Mr. Hartman, presented Mrs. Hartman with Life Membership whose names are now inscribed at the main show gates

Graham Jensen

Show Patron