Your New Schedule

We are excited to provide you with our new schedule, ease of access, and new social media avenues.

Ease of Access
You can now find us everywhere and print off any part of the schedule or forms for your convenience.


All Hard Copies of the Schedule can be found at most local businesses in Dalby and the Info Centre.
Schedule 2015
Keep up to date


We are keeping up with the times and now have a Facebook page, so you can visit us at any time, upload your favourite show pictures from the past and ask any questions you may have. #dalbyshow
Visit us at:


For Businesses & Vendors


Want to join in on the fun.  Join us in this fantastic event and sell and advertise your products
You can also contact us through these avenues, and can call us at the show office on:    07 4662 5251 Email us at:
Visit us at:       56  Nicholson St        Or:  PO BOX 202
                          Dalby QLD 4405                 Dalby QLD 4405